Green Alien Photography
By Jessa Forster

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"No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film."  -Robert Adams

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Website updates -

Nov 27- 
In October I submitted and essay, two letters of recommendation, and three photos to NANPA to try and win one of their ten scholarships offered to high school students. Well, a couple weeks ago I found out I was selected!  They are going to pay for my hotel, food, the cost of the nanpa summit and give us different photography lesson and field work for one week in Denver, Colorado!

Oct 20-
You might notice on some of my pages a link to my brand new mailing list that updates you on new photos on my pages.

Oct 19-
New "Fall-2005" gallery!

Oct 14-
I've added a "Pets" gallery (so far it's just our new puppy, Rylee).

Oct 10-
I've added two new galleries (Critters and White River), and I've reduced the quality of the pictures in all my galleries so they load faster.

I've added three more techniques to my "Techniques" page.

My picture is up on my "About" page.

Sep 26-
Well, lots of changes have been going on here lately, the biggest is probably my new galleries. I used a new program to make them and I am rather pleased on how they turned out. I have added tons of links to my links page, and I am working on my bio for my "About" page.

My news -

Oct 27-
Well, I guess I won Madison's weather calendar contest! They forgot to tell me, but when I was bored today I searched for my name on Google and this page came up: Madison Calendar Winners

As an added bonus it was selected for the month of May (my birth-month!). Oh, here's the photo barn photo.

Sep 7th- My barn photo was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Wisconsin Weather Calendar (Madison, Wisconsin's local weather channel)  photo contest. No news yet if it was selected.

Sep 1st - My train photo was selected to be in my local channel four's weather calendar. It will be November.

Sep 26 - We are getting a puppy! After lots of research on different breeders we picked We are going to pick up the puppy on October 13! Jennifer (the breeder) was nice enough to send us a picture of our little girl -click here-